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A Newcomer's Guide to SXSW


Now that I’ve done SXSW a time or two, it is always interesting that new visitors (or non visitors) think you have to buy a badge or wristband to have a good time that fateful week in March. Definitely not the case. It doesn’t hurt to have one of those, of course, but there are still so…

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No better way to spend a Friday morning.


Per usual, we enjoyed a good Mozart’s Friday morning. As the crew grew, we moved outside to have more room. Several cool conversations flowed simultaneously.

I caught topics like:

Btw, the link list is the new thank-you note. Thanks, folks. I really dig this thing we’ve got going.

Hasta pronto.

I’ve really been digging the new Roky Erickson record with Okkervil River, which includes a version of this tune.  This clip comes from the documentary “You’re Gonna Miss Me” which tells Roky’s incredible story and of the heroic efforts of his brother, Sumner: http://www.palmpictures.com/film/youre-gonna-miss-me.php.  Highly recommended.

Jorge Drexler loves Austin and Barton Springs

Good piece from DFW on Jorge Drexler, an under-appreciated musical genius and a really nice guy too:

"Along with Brazil’s Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil and Argentina’s Fito Paez, he is arguably the best South American singer-songwriter of his generation."  True that.

Here’s the lowdown on one of DJ Spooky’s recent projects.  More people need to get hip to DJ Spooky.  His name came up at this week’s gathering of The Regulars at Mozart’s, and most were unfamiliar.  He performed his “Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica” here in Austin last fall at Hogg Auditorium with Austin’s Golden Hornet Project (Disclosure: I work for Texas Performing Arts who presented the show.)

He also has a cool iPhone app if you roll that way.

Check it indeed. 

Tips for putting together a Pecha Kucha/Ignite presentation

Some good suggestions from Felix Jung worth keeping in mind when putting together a presentation, including:

1.  In picking your subject matter, you should feel that you’ve got too much to say.

2.  The slides come after you’ve got an outline down. Know that if you start designing immediately, you risk wasting a great deal of time creating slides that may not end up in your presentation.

3.  The slide should be in addition to, not a summary of, your ideas and concepts.

I’m working on my own first presentation to share with some fellow Regulars.  Looking forward to the exercise. 

Interactive and Music Need to Overlap. Music industry people would benefit from spending time at SXSW during the conference’s interactive portion – and vice versa. There are stark differences between the two conferences. At the interactive conference, people look forward and consider what can be. But that conference was filled with young entrepreneurs who unfortunately have few incentives to create an app or service that will change the music industry. There are ample opportunities to launch a startup in fields that do not require the headaches of dealing with music’s tangled web of legal rights.

At the music conference, people tended to look backward and remember what used to be. To them, licensing content to digital service providers is a necessary process, no matter how laborious and costly. The common ground was both sides’ removal from middle America. Mobile app Foursquare was to Interactive what Neon Indian was to music: greatly hyped but nearly irrelevant to those outside their respective industries.

"SXSW Recap: What Worked, What Didn’t “  (March 22, 2010)

By Glenn Peoples (billboard.biz)